Combining an unmatched passion for music with his natural talent, Jeff Pennachio is pursuing his dream of being an influential musician in both the Performance and Composition World.  From Lessons to Guest Features, and instrument restoration, allow Jeff to help you further your journey on any path you take.

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Hailing from Queensbury, NY, Jeff Pennachio is a seasoned musician, performing in multiple aspects of the music scene.  From starting his path in music at a young age, Jeff solidified himself in the metal community at the age of 21.  Performing in the semi-touring act Led By The Blind (Buffalo, NY), he became affiliated with upcoming bands from the scene, performing with associated acts such as Attack! Attack!, Mushroomhead, Betraying the Martyrs, Ice Nine Kills, I See Stars, Falling in Reverse, as well as many more.  After the disband of Led by the Blind in 2015, Jeff continued on to perform in the cover band Strange Enemy (Buffalo, NY) showcasing a broad range of music from Billy Squire to Lamb of God, as well as working on the solo project Glass Lounge (Buffalo, NY, Queensbury, NY).  Upon completion of the Glass Lounge EP in 2017, Jeff started a new solo project with vocalist Jesse Isadore of Narwhal Bloodbath.  The 2 went on to eventually write and complete the Messages Through Lights EP.  Upon completion, producer and drummer Joshua Johnson completed the mixing and mastering, which eventually led to the branding and combination of new members under Design The Void.  Currently, Jeff composes and tracks a large amount of new and upcoming material for Design the Void.



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Whether you’re looking for insight on a new song or looking to have one written for you, Jeff is experienced in helping with production of new and upcoming music in all genres to help achieve the best sound for your project or group.


Looking to track your new song, but don't currently have the members?  Jeff can assist in tracking all parts necessary so you can get your song or project underway!  From tracking specific sections to the whole song, Jeff can have this done in a short matter of time!


Add guitar solos to your song to fill out sections or even recap themes for the listener.  Jeff offers additional instrumentation to help expand on arrangement of your song as well as voicing for each particular track.


From restrings to restorations, give your instrument the care it deserves to start playing again.  Have your instrument professionally set up so it performs to the best of its ability.





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New Fury Media-Interposition-Setting The Stage-EP 2021

Pig Squeals & Breakdowns-Interposition-Setting The Stage-EP 2021

Hintf WebzineInterposition-Setting The Stage-EP 2021 The Stage-EP 2021 

Asher Media Relations-Interposition-Setting The Stage-EP 2021 

Twilight Magazin-Interposition-Setting The Stage-EP 2021 

Progressive Rock Journal-Interposition-Setting The Stage-EP 2021 

Melody Lane-Interposition-Setting The Stage-EP 2021

Following the release of the new EP "Setting The Stage" by Jeff Pennachio, out on January 22, 2021!

Check out the Featured Track "Interposition" below!



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